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4 Simple Ways to Relieve Money Stress

VeryWellMind looks at the common problem of money and it’s relation to happiness and stress. Read the helpful and practical insights from author Elizabeth Scott, MS PhD. 1. Cut Down on Your Debt If finances are causing you stress, look for things you can cut out of your budget (like the extra morning lattes, dinners out, and […]

Enjoy Life Now and Still Save for Later

William Artzberger of Investopedia looks into wanting to live well in the moment while saving for an enjoyable retirement can be a financial conundrum. The good news is, it is possible to do both. Balancing these two needs simply means making sure you are keeping your financial house in order while you are enjoying your lifestyle. […]

Make Lists of Your Goals and Dreams

Self Magazine looks at the benefits of writing down your “Happy-Life List”. Here is what author Stephanie Dolgoff writes about making this stress-free list: 1. Know the purpose of your list. A grocery list specifies the foods you need to buy so you won’t starve before the week’s out, but a life list can be harder […]